President's Message

Wishing Our Costomers a LIfetime of 
Joy with Golf. President & CEO Ryusuke Kamata

Now that more than 10 years have passed since the Company established the Accordia brand, it receives patronage from a total of more than 8 million customers a year for the golf courses and driving ranges it operates at approximately 150 locations across Japan.

We have not only been undertaking the task of improving the quality of our services by offering high-quality course conditions and various play styles at an appropriate price with the aim of providing a comfortable playing environment, we have also been providing customers with a casual and joyful golfing lifestyle by proposing comprehensive golf services covering all aspects of their golf life, including driving ranges and Pro shops centering on golf courses.

Looking at the golf industry from a long-term perspective, we notice that it has made a major change from the days when it was a place for social interaction in business and corporate demand was the main driver, to more recent years when it is establishing a position as a lifelong sport enjoyed by all generations from juniors to senior citizens with their friends and family members. On the other hand, a decline in the senior golf population is an issue for the golf industry as a whole, as well as an important medium-term issue for the Company. We are actively carrying out innovative measures to develop a new market, including those for next-generation golfers and female golfers.

In addition, looking to the future management environment, we have set up Accordia Golf Trust, which will take on the function of holding golf course assets for the purpose of expanding our portfolio of courses while improving asset efficiency. We will seek to enhance our corporate value based on the circular business model of acquiring more golf courses and transferring course assets to the trust after improving their operation, with the aim of becoming the world’s best golf business company. As a leading company in the industry, we will contribute to the golf industry in Japan by proposing a new style of golfing.

We will be making every effort to become a company that satisfies customers through its golf business. In doing so, I respectfully ask for your continued support and patronage.

President & CEO Yuko Tashiro