President's Message

Improving corporate value from a new perspective Improving corporate value from a new perspective

This July marks the 15th anniversary of Accordia Golf after starting the Accordia brand. Currently, the 161 directly managed golf courses and golf driving ranges nationwide are patronized by approximately 12 million customers annually. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our golfing clients.

In order to provide a comfortable playing environment, we have been making all efforts to improve service quality, such as offering high quality course conditions and various playing styles at appropriate prices. As operating golf courses and driving ranges as well as pro shops enables us to provide “comprehensive golf service” to our customers’ entire golf life, we continue to present a “casual and enjoyable golf life” to golfers in Japan.

Looking at the golf industry in the long run, since the period when there was widespread corporate demand for golf as tool for business-related socializing, golf has greatly changed in recent years to become a sport enjoyed by friends and family, establishing its position as a lifelong sport covering a wide generation from young people to seniors. However, the decline in the number of persons playing golf due to the aging population is an issue for the entire golf industry and remains an important mid-term issue for us. We are actively pursuing advanced measures to develop new markets, such as initiatives to reach next-generation golfers and female golfers.

We will continue to strive to be a company that can satisfy our customers through our golf business and look forward to your continued support of Accordia Golf in the future.

Yuko Tashiro, Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer