A portfolio that generates sustainable earnings

Location of golf courses concentrated in metropolitan areas

Amid the aging population, and with a declining birth rate, the number of people who play golf is expected to decrease moderately. However, people continue to mainly flow into large metropolitan areas in ten prefectures (from the 2014 data of the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). Since 2009, Accordia Golf has sought to establish a portfolio that focuses on operating golf courses in the so-called three metropolitan areas of greater Tokyo, Chubu and Kinki. As a result, approximately 71% of its operating golf courses are located in the three largest metropolitan areas, which greatly exceeds the concentration ratio of approximately 51% for golf courses in Japan.

Brand enhancement to promote golf services

To further leverage the strength of golf courses located in metropolitan areas, we are working toward the establishment of three brands that emphasize the joy of golf for a wide range of customers, instead of the integrated brand that has continued to spotlight the pleasure inherent in the sport. In addition, we are moving forward with initiatives to attract customers by establishing respective brands for driving ranges, golf schools and golf course pro shops.

Brand Service Description
TROPHIA GOLF High-level golf course setting that make customers feel as if they are playing on tournament courses complete with high-quality services.
ACCORDIA GOLF Always providing affordable courses for general golfers that provide an environment to play in that is casual and comfortable.
EVER GOLF Golf courses that offer an opportunity to enjoy a round of golf in earnest, with simple services.
ACCORDIA GARDEN Driving ranges, equipped with golf schools and golf course pro shops, provide customers with a pleasant environment for practicing golf and enrich the time that they spend golfing.
ACCORDIA GOLF ACADEMY Lessons include those on operating golf courses to ensure that customers improve their practical skills.
golf revo A broad range of products and services are offered by staff members who have a great deal of expertise.